Saturday, 2 March 2013


Nigella likes a bit of blue!
We asked Nigella Lawson what her favourite cheese is and is seems "Anything blue" goes with Nigella! Might have to go out and get a nice block of Stilton now! An appropriate quote from Nigella that a Twitter follower retweeted following our twitter conversation is "a good cheese should have a pulse"


Having had a busy start to the year, I feel I may have neglected the Mighty Cheeseboard blog for a while - for those followers who have been waiting for more updates, I am back with a renewed taste for cheese - mainly after tasting this particular Spanish delight. Garcia Baquero Iberico is a mature Manchego-like cheese. Its got the slight sweetness & nutty taste that Manchego has, but aged for 6 months, has a more complex taste and is slightly less dense than regular Manchego. Its made of a mixture of Sheep, Goat and Cow's milk (40% Sheep, 35% Goat & 25% Cow). Texture-wise its slightly firmer/harder than a good solid cheddar. A Spanish delight that would be a great addition to any tapas feast or just ate on its own with a caramalised onion chutney or a sweet chilli jam.
Adios amigos!!!