Friday, 26 October 2012


The good thing about writing a cheeseblog is that when friends go away rather than bringing back the usual tacky souvenir trinkets, my friends bring me cheese! So when my neighbour & good friend Yasmin went to Amsterdam she bought me back this particular tasty treat! Reypenaer is a strong, creamy, mature Gouda style cheese. According to the notes this cheese develops its creamy yet complex taste (with exeptional aroma) down to its unique ageing evironment. It is aged in a 100 year old warehouse in the green heart of Holland (Woerden). The cheeses are washed once a week by hand and a system if vents in the old warehouse keep the air fresh and create its own microclimate. The cheese has the crunchy crystalls that develop in a lot of quality mature cheeses, and the creamyness against its strong full flavour make this cheese a true Dutch delight! Anyone off to Holland should try to get themselves a piece.
Thanks Yasmin!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Ooooooooh what a crackin piece of Wensleydale!!! pronounced Wallace from Wallace & Gromit fame. The Animated characters arent the only ones who enjoy this cheese - in an essay written by the author George Orwell entitled "In Defence of English Cooking", he rates Wensleydale second only to Stilton amongst British Cheeses.  It is a crumbly pale cheese with a fresh slightly lemony (it has a bit of acidity) flavour to it. Quite often Wensleydale will be made with fruit in it - Cranberry or Apricot seem to be the most common (the sweetness of the fruit is a good accompanyment to the sharpness of this cheese). But this delightful piece I had is just pure cheese & I have eaten most of this wedge in one sitting!!! Might save some for later - just hope I dont put on the Wrong Trousers.

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Recently I had the opportunity to interview singer/songwriter Newton Faulkner about music for another blog I run. But I still managed to sneak in a question about cheese for all the readers of The Mighty Cheeseboard - here is the excerpt from the interview:

Listen Up Manchester: Just to finish off with & also on the subject of food, I actually also run a cheese blog, and would love to know, are you a fan of cheese and what is your favourite cheese?

Newton Faulkner: I'm a big fan of cheese, I tend to go extreeme with cheese like a strong blue - I like Roquefort. And you really cant beat bacon with melted brie - possibly the best flavour combination ever!

for the full interview click here:

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Well beam me up! When he's not king of the Star Trek Enterprise, being all Shakespearian or checking out his family on BBC's Who Do You Think You Are?, then Sir Patrick Stewart is eating cheese! Upon asking him what his favourite cheese is he told the Mighty Cheeseboard not only his favourite, but his favourite from each of the following cheese catagories, Blue, Hard & Sort cheeses (Colton Basset, Tickler Cheddar & Nettle Meadow Kunik respectivly) - its good to have such a thorourgh response & someone who knows his cheese! Thank you Sir & keep enjoying your cheese!

Saturday, 6 October 2012


Check out Pinky's Cheese roll call from the classic cartoon Pinky & the Brain!!! Enjoy!!!