Sunday, 1 March 2015


Everyone loves a bit of Crystal Meth these days, but here at the Mighty Cheeseboard we ask the burning question nobody else dares...... what's your favourite cheese?

Tweeting all the stars of the hit TV show Breaking Bad, it seems that only a few select stars are prepared to divulge their favourite cheeses. These honourable men are:

       Name:  MATT JONES

       Character Name:  BADGER

       Favourite Cheese:  "EPOISSES"

           Name:  CHARLES BAKER

           Character Name:  SKINNY PETE

           Favourite Cheese:  "SMOKED GOUDA! AND WHIZ"

        Name:  LAVELL CRAWFORD

        Character Name:  HUELL

        Favourite Cheese:  "DIAYA VEGAN PEPPER JACK"

So there you go, next time you reach for your stash of Meth, just put it down and hit the cheese instead & use this Breaking Bad special for inspiration of what cheeses to have.