Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Ooooooooh what a crackin piece of Wensleydale!!! pronounced Wallace from Wallace & Gromit fame. The Animated characters arent the only ones who enjoy this cheese - in an essay written by the author George Orwell entitled "In Defence of English Cooking", he rates Wensleydale second only to Stilton amongst British Cheeses.  It is a crumbly pale cheese with a fresh slightly lemony (it has a bit of acidity) flavour to it. Quite often Wensleydale will be made with fruit in it - Cranberry or Apricot seem to be the most common (the sweetness of the fruit is a good accompanyment to the sharpness of this cheese). But this delightful piece I had is just pure cheese & I have eaten most of this wedge in one sitting!!! Might save some for later - just hope I dont put on the Wrong Trousers.

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