Friday, 26 October 2012


The good thing about writing a cheeseblog is that when friends go away rather than bringing back the usual tacky souvenir trinkets, my friends bring me cheese! So when my neighbour & good friend Yasmin went to Amsterdam she bought me back this particular tasty treat! Reypenaer is a strong, creamy, mature Gouda style cheese. According to the notes this cheese develops its creamy yet complex taste (with exeptional aroma) down to its unique ageing evironment. It is aged in a 100 year old warehouse in the green heart of Holland (Woerden). The cheeses are washed once a week by hand and a system if vents in the old warehouse keep the air fresh and create its own microclimate. The cheese has the crunchy crystalls that develop in a lot of quality mature cheeses, and the creamyness against its strong full flavour make this cheese a true Dutch delight! Anyone off to Holland should try to get themselves a piece.
Thanks Yasmin!

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