Wednesday, 25 July 2012


So for my first cheese review I went with the soft Itallian cheese Taleggio. Its got a strong familiar woody smell to it, but despite its pong (which prompted many comments of "smell my cheese" whilst I was tasting it) it has a relativly mild and creamy taste with just a slight tang to it.
With a bit of research, I can tell you its name is down to it being produced in the Val Teleggio region of Italy (an Alpine valley between Bergamo & Lecco) and it is mainly produced in Autumn and Winter when the cows are tired! Sleepy cows must make tastier milk then???
A very nice cheese to start my cheese adventure - if you enjoy a soft cheese like a Port Salut, but want a more distinct cheese with a good smell (seriously I was smelling this cheese for longer than i was eating it!), then I recommend you nip out to your local cheesemonger and ask for a piece of Taleggio!

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