Thursday, 6 September 2012


Today I tackle 2 of the big boys of British cheese - a Mature Cheddar & Rinded Red Leicester.

We'll start with the Cheddar - this particular piece is from Green's of Glastonbury and is described as a mature farmhouse cheddar "From the Land where Cheddar Began!" - its been matured for 12 months (the "Vintage" that Green's make is 15-18 months) - being the most popular cheese in the UK and the second most popular cheese in the USA - most people will know the taste of cheddar, but this one has a full flavour with bit of a tang and ever so slightly sweet. A very tasty mature cheddar!

On to the Red Leicester - for this one I purchased a Farmhouse Rinded Red Leicester described as mature, rich & nutty, it is made by our good friends at Butlers cheeses (see our review of their wonderful Blacksticks Blue: Another of the very popular cheeses in the UK, it is not dissimilar to Cheddar, but is more mellow in flavour with a slightly nutty aftertaste, and a very different colouring (a strong orange/red achieved by the addition of Annato during manufacture) - hence its name of Red Leicester.

Two classic cheeses - both full of flavour and very tasty - with fine examples such as these, I think they fully deserve their popularity in the world of cheese.

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