Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Ok, so the latest cheese of the day goes to our favourite celebrity cheese fan (Andi Peters) favourite cheese Cambozola. Most people who know me are aware that I'm not big on blue cheese, but a big part of this cheese blog is to educate myself on some amazing cheeses out there! Thanks to Andi I have dabbled with the Cambozola - which I admit I have not eaten in quite a while. Its actually pretty nice (and I feel I may be turning the corner with blue cheeses!) - its really fresh, rich & creamy with a mild blue flavour to it - was soft and creamy and smooth to the taste. Not as strong as a lot of blue cheeses and I actully found myself really enjoying this cheese.
The cheese originates from Germany (just realised I forgot to add the usual flag to the pic - sorry flag fans!!!) and is a combo of French Camenbert & Itallian Gorgonzola hence the hybrid name Cambozola. Thanks Andi P!!! It was most enjoyable!

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