Friday, 24 August 2012


Oooooh another cheese from Abergavenny in Wales (for the other one see Y-Fenni blog post Like the Y-Fenni, Tintern is another Cheddar cheese containing something else...... chives & shallots. The cheddar cheese is exactly the same as the Y-Fenni, its strong in flavour yet relatively soft and creamy, the chives and shallots do infuse with the cheese and work well (its a flavour match that works - basically cheese and onion - just ask walkers crisps! Classic combo!). On another note on its flavour - and I cant quite put my finger on it - there was a taste there that took me back to childhood - but not too worry - if it comes to me I will add an additional note to this blog post.
Apparently the name comes from Tintern Abbey an old monastry in Monmouthshire (South Wales), where the monks used to grow shallots in the grounds.

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