Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Today I bought myself a wedge of Crumbly Lancashire - Although tasty & flavoursome i found this crumbly cheese a bit more acidic than I expected. I have since found out that there are 3 main varieties of Lancashire (Creamy Lancashire, Tasty Lancashire & Crumbly Lancashire) - Crumbly being the most recent variety & is more suited for mass production. It is matured for only 6-8 weeks making it more crumbly and higher acidity and it is the only Lancashire Cheese that is manufactured outside of Lancashire. Anyway - those are the cheese facts - I have to say that personally I was a little dissapointed with this cheese, maybe I should try the Creamy or Tasty variety to compare. As a side note (and not related to the Lancashire) - there was a man who smelled of really bad cheese on the bus today - not good!

*** Note added 07/08/12: Marvellous - just eat with a sweet chilli jam (I'm sure a caramalised onion jam would work just as well) - the sweetness really helps balance the acidity of this cheese and really transforms it in my opinion! ***

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