Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Oh my god - this is cheese heaven!!! Its creamy, rich, luxuriant, slighty smelly, and so so good! You may have noticed I am very fond of this cheese. Its a French cheese from the Champagne-Ardenne region and has a smooth creamy buttery texture with a slightly more tangy crumbly core. Its rind is distinvtive & rippled with an orangy colour to it. There is a deliberate dimple in the top of the cheese as traditionally a small pool of Champagne is poured so when you cut the cheese the champagne infuses into the cheese - shame I dont have a bottle of Champagne knocking about!!!
If you want to try a truely delicious cheese - then this is HIGHLY recomended by The Mighty Cheeseboard.

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  1. In fact it is Marc de Champagne that is poured into the concave area at the top of this cheese. Marc de Champagne is a type of brandy made by fermenting grape skins, pips etc. (the stuff the wine makers throw away). Anyway, I haven't had this cheese since I lived in France, so will try Tesco's Germain Langres on your recommendation.